And it might not work in people.

Anti-obesity vaccine helps to keep rats trim Researchers in the Scripps Research Institute in California in the U.S caverta 50 mg . Have developed an anti-obesity vaccine that significantly slowed fat gain and reduced body fat in rats even though they over ate. The group say the vaccine represents a breakthrough in the global fight against obesity but warn it really is quite a distance from being examined on human volunteers, and it might not work in people. Even so the analysis has revealed how particular areas of hunger and fat gain work. The vaccine targets the hormone ghrelin, a gastric endocrine hormone produced mainly in the stomach, which was discovered in 1999 and assists control appetite in animals and people.

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Antiepileptic monotherapy will not increase intrauterine death risk By Lucy Piper, Senior medwireNews Reporter Neither type nor dosage of antiepileptic drug affects the chance of intrauterine death among pregnant women with epilepsy when given as monotherapy, suggests analysis. The findings derive from data from the International Registry of Antiepileptic Drugs and Being pregnant on 7055 pregnancies in epileptic women, of whom 1910 had been taking lamotrigine, 1713 carbamazepine, 1171 valproic acid, 324 levetiracetam, 262 oxcarbazepine, 260 phenobarbital and 1415 polytherapy. Intrauterine deaths occurred in 632 of the pregnancies and prices were similar across the six monotherapies, which range from 7.9 percent with lamotrigine to 8.6 percent with levetiracetam.