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‘PhUSE is usually committed in providing conference participants with an initial look of innovative eClinical solutions, such as those from Cmed Technology and all other providers.’ The flexibility of Timaeus’ distributed, cloud computing architecture provides many perks, including the capability to rapidly scale computing resources up or down, get rid of capital depreciation and expenditure, and reduce internal IT infrastructure’s footprint or expand IT’s capability by incorporating private, protected cloud computing in the entire IT strategy.28 percent took significant risks with their medicine to save money. At least 16 percent did not fill their prescriptions, 13 percent took medicines beyond their expiry dates, 12 percent skipped a dose without asking a health care provider or pharmacist, 8 percent split pills in two without consent of their doctor or pharmacist and 4 percent shared their prescription with someone else. Experts advise that individuals need to speak to their doctors about price when he or she prescribes a medication, specifically one that must be used long-term for a chronic condition. One must question if a generic version is available. Pharmacists can help with cost issues also. Free samples should be avoided as much as possible Also.. BioSystem Development completes $978,000 investment round BioSystem Development, a held life science analytics organization privately, announces a recently completed expenditure round that raised $978,000 in financing.