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‘An increasing number of patients and their support network are searching for online details. Our expanded service greatly increases access to information on medical trials that are actively enrolling volunteers in local geographic areas.’ The CTLS features summary descriptions of a large number of research studies, eligibility criteria, locations where trials are being conducted and information to contact principal study and investigators staff. The listings result from a variety of sources including device and drug sponsors, contract research organizations, analysis government and centers analysis sponsors. CenterWatch also draws listings of industry-funded research studies from the website. CenterWatch launched the CTLS services in 1994. Since that time, the service has received several awards because of its editorial content material and for the beneficial role it has in helping patients to recognize relevant clinical trials and to contact research experts to learn more.It is not available direct to customer.’ stated Steven Keiles, VP and Director of Genetic Services. ‘Ambry Genetics is very well suited to provide this kind of test.. Created by a united team of geneticists and genetic counselors with decades of medical and laboratory experience, the panel can be a accountable and ethical means of identifying individuals at high dangers to get a child with severe genetic conditions. As with all medical assays performed by Ambry Genetics, the test should be ordered by your physician.