Only humans are supposed to act on behalf of others.

This week in PLoS Biology, Felix Warneken and colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology present experimental evidence that chimpanzees act altruistically toward genetically unrelated conspecifics. Furthermore, in two comparative experiments, they discovered that both chimpanzees and individual infants helped altruistically no matter any expectation of prize, even when some effort was required, and even though the recipient was an unfamiliar individual all features previously regarded as unique to humans.The study findings, presented in an oral program at the International Liver Congress , the 47th annual conference of the European Association for the analysis of the Liver in Barcelona, Spain, confirmed the previously announced sentinel cohort data. An interview with Dr Chhatwal Currently there are no remedies designed for hepatitis C genotype 1 which can be administered without the concurrent usage of alfa and ribavirin, which gives rise to a serious unmet dependence on patients who are ineligible or intolerant to alfa/ribavirin, said principal investigator Fumitaka Suzuki, Toranomon Medical center, Tokyo, Japan.