Cancer incidence.

The statement also showed that mortality prices were around 4 per cent reduced Northern Ireland for women and men. While the overall number of cancers has improved due to population growth and ageing and improved detection for some cancers including prostate and breast cancer, the real number of cancer deaths has fallen. Improvements in survival for breast, colorectal and prostate cancers were recorded during the last decade and survival rates aren’t falling for any cancer. Dr Anna Gavin, director of NICR, said: This is the first time we’ve been in a position to compare treatment distinctions as well as the usual incidence, mortality and survival. Surprisingly, even though we are dealing with two different healthcare systems there is remarkably small variation in treatment, with improvements over time in both national countries.Nearly 1,031,000 situations were reported last year, up from 976,000 the year before. The count broke the single-year record for reported cases of a sexually transmitted disease, which was 1,013,436 cases of gonorrhea, occur 1978. Putting those figures into rates, there were about 349 cases of chlamydia per 100,000 people in 2006, up 5.6 % from the 329 per 100,000 rate in 2005. CDC officials state the chlamydia record might not be all poor news: They think the higher number is largely due to better and even more intensive screening.