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Evan Farmer, M.D., an recognized dermatopathologist internationally, will serve simply because Medical Director of AIPL. Farmer.D., Clara S. Heffess, M.D., Jacqueline Ann Wieneke, M.D., Dennis Knight Heffner, M.D., Lionel Rabin, M.D., Zachary D. Goodman, M.D., PhD., Ronald Carl Neafie, M.S., Fabio Tavora, M.D., Georgeta Giblen, M.D., Anapumjit K. Mehrotra, M.D., Prakash Jha, M.D., Aaron Auerbach, M.D., Mary Klassen-Fischer, M.D., Teri J. Franks, M.D., Haresh Mani, M.D., Konstantin Shilo, M.D., Evan Farmer, M.D., Maria-Magdalena Tomaszewski, M.D., Anandita Ashoke Datta, M.D., Gary Warnock, D.D.S., and Julie C.Oberlaender. ‘These changes appear to be life-long and could pertain to additional sensory systems and species, including people. Our results open the chance of new avenues of analysis on advancement of the aging mind using quantitative anatomical studies coupled with noninvasive imaging systems suitable for humans, such as for example functional MRI .’ The study was possible due to recent improvements in high-quality imaging and reconstruction techniques, developed in part by Dr.