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Who’s doing investigations any more? Sure, there’s some little local TV station performing an undercover tale about a used car dealer that rolled back again the odometers on 10 cars. But I’m talking about genuine, big investigative journalism stories that affect us all. There are still some very nice journalists out thereNow, I don’t mean to lump all journalists and newspapers together under the criticism I’m supplying here. I know there are several great people out there who are in fact carrying out investigative journalism and composing intelligent tales, like Declan McCullough at Wired Magazine.Towns over a five season period and discovered that Medicare customers who were puzzled by tablet bottles or appointment slips had been 52 % much more likely to die, from heart disease especially. Related StoriesNew across-the-table Medicare cuts may place many individuals and suppliers at riskGood rest patterns are best for your heartMembers signed up for Medicare Advantage content with their plans, research findsDr. Baker says the statistics were not nearly higher hospital prices but about a considerably higher mortality rate. To be able to set up the seniors so-called wellness literacy, they quizzed them on what well they comprehended prescription bottles, appointment slips and insurance forms. Prescription bottles stating ‘take this medication on a clear stomach 1 hour before foods or two hours after’ were adopted with the issue when will you eat lunch time and at what period will you take this medication? Baker says actually in circumstances where it had been stated ‘normal blood sugars is 80 to 130, today is usually 160 your blood sugar, is your blood glucose normal?’, 25 percent of patients were not able to understand this right.