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At reddit, which contains a variety of user-submitted content normally, visitors had been greeted with a ‘REDDIT IS Straight down,’ message, in addition to live improvements about the position of both SOPA and PIPA. WordPress also took intense action against both censorship expenses by blocking all consumer content material from its homepage. Why SOPA and PIPA threaten genuine content with censorshipLast summer, NaturalNews warned that the Stopping True Online Threats to Economic Imagination and Theft of Intellectual Real estate bill was essentially a Trojan Equine that would permit the US federal government to bypass regular legal techniques in targeting websites that could contain, or connect to, pirated content , the Recording Sector Association of America , among others prompting and guiding this enforcement action in back of the scenes.Archimedes also announced the appointment of a new Chief and President Executive Officer, Jeffrey H. Buchalter, formerly President and Chief Executive Officer of US-based Enzon. The funding round may be the largest elevated by an exclusive European biopharma company within the last 15 years and is usually Novo Development Equity’s first investment since it was founded at the beginning of 2009. The money will be used to determine Archimedes’ operations in the US and support the growth of the successful specialty pharma business in Europe.