The mainstream media is all over this story.

Artificial pancreas breakthrough gives solution for health effects of eating artificial food It’s downright amazing: A biomedical engineer at Boston University has developed a so-called artificial pancreas that helps diabetics maintain well balanced blood sugar by monitoring the bloodstream and releasing either insulin or glucagon as required. Now all those individuals who eat artificial food advertised through artificial worlds on television can add an artificial pancreas to their artificial health care plan. The mainstream media is all over this story, but what they’re not telling anybody is certainly that for type-2 diabetics, artificially using insulin injections to stability blood sugar only serves to convert blood sugars into surplus fat, increasing the weight problems of the patient.Data evaluation showed cancer survivors in rural areas who had been aged 65 or older were 66 % more likely to forgo health care and 54 % more likely to forgo dental hygiene because of cost, compared with their urban counterparts. This is the first population-based study to examine whether cancers survivors in rural and cities are equally more likely to forgo wellness care due to concerns about price, said Nynikka Palmer, Dr.P.H., M.P.H., postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Public Sciences and Health Plan at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C. We found a disparity among old survivors, for whom health insurance coverage through Medicare is almost common, while no disparity was found for younger survivors after controlling for several factors.