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Ernst Krebb in 1952 by liquefying and purifying amygdalin from apricot seeds so it could be injected into malignancy patients. Dr. Krebb injected himself to assure laetrile’s basic safety, and Dr. John Richardson proved its efficacy by healing several cancer patients in San Francisco with laetrile. In 1971, laetrile was banned. Dr. Richardson known as on investigative journalist G. Edward Griffin to publicize the merits of laetrile or B17 derived from apricot seeds. Griffin found that the Sloane-Kettering Institute’s laetrile trials resulting in the FDA ban were bogus. Sloane-Kettering spokesperson Dr. Ralph Moss refused to lie about laetrile and remaining Sloane-Kettering in disgust.It also presents a particular challenge for researchers working to create a dengue virus vaccine, since most vaccines function by prompting the physical body to produce antibodies.’ Dengue infection is transmitted by mosquitoes and is normally caused by some of four closely related virus serotypes of the genus Flavivirus. Infection can cause diseases which range from dengue fever, a flu-like disease, to the severest type – – dengue hemorrhagic fever/dengue shock syndrome , that may cause the blood vessels to leak, leading to life-threatening shock.