A common pain reliever used to treat arthritis.

‘We are able to fix many complications in the premature baby, but brain damage is one problem that cannot be fixed it should be prevented. Right now there is nothing obtainable that has been shown to be really effective at preventing this problem.’.. Celecoxib offers guarantee for premature babies Scientists have found evidence that the cox-2 inhibitor celecoxib, a common pain reliever used to treat arthritis, may provide a new way to lessen the risk of the most common reason behind brain damage in babies born prematurely.He believes such goals are imminently achievable however the long term eyesight for what the medical workforce in the Northern Territory can be something to work at. The Australian Medical Association provides welcomed the summit and says a significant workforce insufficiency exists in NT. The AMA says it really is willing to assist in improving the real numbers and enhance the performance in the Territory, particularly concerning Indigenous people whose health and wellness specifications fall below those of other folks. Dr. Ashbridge says there are usually shortages of doctors and their largest shortfall is normally generally practitioners and primary treatment doctors.