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We are very pleased to reach this essential milestone in our scientific trial and we look forward to reporting the entire data readout early in the brand new year, said Dr. Wei Cao, PhD, BM, CEO at Cellular Biomedicine Group. 14, No. 3. Currently, the most common therapies used to take care of most HCC individuals are surgery and regional chemotherapy, with a 2-12 months recurrence rate of 51 percent.. Cellular Biomedicine Group completes TC-DC Phase I scientific trial for hepatocellular carcinoma Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc.The child remains in treatment, and at age thirty six months, at least 1. 5 years after the cessation of antiretroviral therapy, the youngster has no detectable level of HIV, wrote the researchers. The experts explained that the mom was admitted to the University of Mississippi hospital about three years ago when she was in labor. At that time, the doctors established she had HIV. The mom hadn’t received prenatal care to lessen risk of the disease passing to the kid, so doctors had to do something fast. Typically, doctors give newborns low-dose HIV medications to avoid the infection, however the hospital only had higher-dose therapies readily available.