Says a new study posted in Epilepsia.

Child’s IQ could possibly be suffering from mother’s epilepsy A brief history of maternal epilepsy and its own associated treatment could be associated with impaired intelligence later in life, says a new study posted in Epilepsia main information . Dr. Nina Oyen, M.D., of the University of Bergen and Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Bergen, Norway, investigated the I.Q. Levels of sons born to moms with and without epilepsy, and discovered a correlation between cleverness and the illness. Drawing on comprehensive data on maternal epilepsy reported to the Medical Birth Registry of mature and Norway I.Q.

With the support of the grant, Levy’s team can create a new, cutting-advantage in vitro platform to model human newborn immune responses to novel vaccine formulations hoping of predicting vaccine protection and efficacy. In conjunction with Jeffrey Hubbell, Ph.D., and Melody Swartz, Ph.D., of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and Alexander Andrianov, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, of Apogee Technology , the group will explore a forward thinking vaccine formulation targeting human being immunodeficiency virus and can characterize its activity towards neonatal white blood cells. The goal is to develop effective and safe vaccines in newborns, requiring fewer doses to reach efficacy, closing the windowpane of baby vulnerability thereby.