Circle of Friends Quartet is a group of friends who share the love of God and music. Together they spread the light of Jesus Christ through music…southern style!

Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs. - Psalm 100:2


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The Item of the entire year award is supported by the votes of over 40

Carma Laboratories’ NEW Carmex Cold Sore Treatment named 2015 ‘Product of the Season’ winner Carma Laboratories, Inc. The Item of the entire year award is supported by the votes of over 40,000 customers, serving as a shortcut for buyers in the supermarket . For producers of the winning items, the award can be a robust marketing tool that has shown to increase product trial, awareness, distribution and sales. Over the past 25 years, winners around the world have reported an average sales increase of 10-15 percent. Furthermore, leading global research company TNS recently conducted a study with US shoppers and discovered that: Related StoriesIdentifying obstructive coronary artery disease in females: an interview with Dr. Continue reading

Even if only one hearing is affected.

‘It was assumed that these kids would alter and develop normally. But we realize today that isn't the case always. July 18 in JAMA Otolaryngology ‘ The research is published. Aural atresia takes place in about among 10,000 live births. The problem is almost always along with a malformed or absent external ear. Because ears affected by atresia absence an ear canal, sound isn’t conducted to the inner ear, which in most cases is healthy. Children born with unilateral atresia might have normal hearing within their other ear completely. A number of surgical and amplification techniques that enable sound to attain the inner hearing can restore hearing for this condition. Several young children, however, usually do not use devices that could enable hearing with both ears. Continue reading

Simms/Mann Seat in Developmental Neurogenetics at Kids&39.

Almost 40 % of kids with autism likewise have gastrointestinal disorders; of the group 80 % are estimated to have serious constipation, based on the researchers. ‘This research will take a totally novel appear at how constipation correlates with intensity of autism symptoms and related behavioral problems,’ said Levitt, who’s also W.M. Keck Provost Professor in Neurogenetics, Pediatrics, Neuroscience, Pharmacy, Psychiatry, Pathology and Psychology at the Keck College of Medication of the University of Southern California. ‘You want to discover if effective GI treatment helps kids with ASD are more receptive to interpersonal interactions. ‘ Upon searching for the scholarly study, children will be completely evaluated for G.I. Continue reading

Challenge remains for early COPD recognition in primary care By Kirsty Oswald mycose.

Challenge remains for early COPD recognition in primary care By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter Exhaled carbon monoxide testing in main care has no effect on patient acceptance of screening for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , research shows mycose . The results add to an evergrowing body of evidence that suggests improving primary care usage of spirometry may eventually be the only way to increase early detection of COPD. The experts, led by Nicolas Molinari , enrolled 410 sufferers attending two primary treatment offices for just about any reason. Continue reading

Brook-shire Brothers.

Brook-shire Brothers, a Lufkin-based grocer, has obtained the lease for the former Alco shop in Pilot Point, Texas, and has programs to change it to serve the needs of the developing community. In making the announcement, John Alston, Chief Functions Officer of Brookshire Brothers stated, Since obtaining David’s Supermarkets this past year, we’ve been pleased with our entry in to North Texas. We observe Pilot Point as a developing area that displays an opportunity for all of us to increase our existence. Continue reading

Botox for enlarged prostate Injecting botulinum toxin A.

Botox for enlarged prostate Injecting botulinum toxin A, or Botox, in to the prostate gland of guys with enlarged prostate, eased symptoms and improved standard of living up to year following the procedure, according to a report by researchers in the Chang Gung University Medical College, Taiwan, and the University of Pittsburgh Classes of Medicine. The scholarly study, based on 37 males with benign prostatic hyperplasia , will be provided at the annual interacting with of the American Urological Association in Anaheim, Calif cialis-levitra-o-viagra . And released in Abstract 1837 in the AUA proceedings. An incredible number of men in the usa have problems with enlarged prostate, stated Michael B. Continue reading

Epithelial cells line the exterior of all organs nearly.

Cell trafficking acquiring might aid drug development With results highlighted on a recent cover of Developmental Cell , experts at Weill Cornell Medical College in NEW YORK have shed important new light on key trafficking mechanisms within epithelial cells. Epithelial cells line the exterior of all organs nearly. Specifically, the group has discovered a molecular ‘change’ in created epithelial cells that selects from a big family of ‘motor proteins,’ known as kinesins over the counter . Continue reading

A sleep disorder characterized by the strong urge to move the legs.

Caucasian women may have problems with RLS up to four times a lot more than African-American women New research demonstrates Caucasian women may suffer from restless legs syndrome , a sleep disorder characterized by the strong urge to move the legs, up to 4 times more than African-American women. The study, presented at CHEST 2009, the 75th annual international scientific assembly of the American College of Chest Physicians , discovered that, overall, non-African-American patients experienced RLS four times more often than African-Americans tadalafil vs viagra . Continue reading

Its easy: just say whatever advertisers want you to say.

Who’s doing investigations any more? Sure, there’s some little local TV station performing an undercover tale about a used car dealer that rolled back again the odometers on 10 cars. But I’m talking about genuine, big investigative journalism stories that affect us all. There are still some very nice journalists out thereNow, I don’t mean to lump all journalists and newspapers together under the criticism I’m supplying here. I know there are several great people out there who are in fact carrying out investigative journalism and composing intelligent tales, like Declan McCullough at Wired Magazine. Continue reading

Too little stomach acid is often as dangerous as too much just.

Chronic inflammation due to too little gastric acid leads to gastric cancer With regards to gastric cancer, too little stomach acid is often as dangerous as too much just, according to scientists at the University of Michigan Medical School suhagra-vs-silagra.html . Both extremes create inflammatory adjustments in the stomach lining and a condition known as chronic atrophic gastritis, which as time passes leads to cancer. Other researchers have shown that over-creation of gastrin in mice stimulates uncontrolled development of cells in the stomach lining and the development of gastric tumors. Continue reading